Translations, Transcriptions, and Abstracts

Note: All transcriptions are subject to revision. Dotted lines indicate illegibility.

  • Transcription: Minutes of the Greenbrier Baptist Church of Christ

January the 25th 1782

Monthly meeting held by the Baptist Church of Christ

Meeting was opened by reading a small impro…ment upon the 4th Chapter of Nehemiah after Prayer for direction, a Door was opened for Receiving of Experience,

Rachael Davis was received by telling a law and Gospel Experience

It is the mind of the Church that any of the members, or non members, may offer their Children to be prayed for.

February the 23 1782

A letter from the Brethren living in Botetourt representing their desire of Bro John Alderson coming As _________ _________, in Order to adjust some matters subsisting betwixt them

Ordered that Br Alderson attend the Second week in May next ——–

  • Transcription: Minutes of the Greenbrier Baptist Church of Christ

July 1782

Br. James Warren being about to remove his place of residence from this has petitioned for a letter of recommendation, the same was granted him.

Ordered that a Called Meeting be held the —th August next in order to write then—— letter which is to be held at Br. John Gerrards meeting house Mill Creek Bartley County August the 3rd Sunday.

August the 8th 1782

According to Our appointment last meeting, in Course the Afn Letter was Brought forward, read [and] approved, Our Br John Walker appointed as … messenger, to Bear the Same and represent us — the —–, _______- Our Brother having made his return from the Afn The Letter was read on Sunday the 12 of September in the Audience of the church.

January the 25 1783

Ordered that Br John Alderson John Osborn John T….. and Bailey Wood Attend meeting at Second Creek gap the third Saturday and Sunday in March. It is appointed that the Deacon provide some w….. the Administration of the Sacrament, The Church Lying at an unconveniency for a …

  • Translation: Will of Johannes Van Brugh

Johanes Van Brugh, From New York City Wills, 1665-1707. Merchant, “Being weake in body,” leaves to wife Catherine for life or during widowhood, all estate real and personal. But she is not to sell without the consent of the children, or the greater part of them, and he makes her sole executor. “And whereas our daughter Elizabeth Rodenbergh, now wife of John Donaldson of New Castle in Delaware, has due unto her out of my estate the like proportion as her sister Lucretia Rodenbergh has received in full of her proportion of the estate of her father Lucas Rodenbergh, the executor is directed to pay the same, to be paid according to the terms of a marriage settlement made between the said John Donaldson and Elizabeth his wife, February 24, 1691/2.  And whereas I have purchased for my son Peter, a tract of land on Delaware River next to the land of John Donaldson, the same is left to him.”  He also leaves him [money] “in consideration that he is my first born son.”  After his wife’s decease the property was to go to the children, Elizabeth Donaldson, “my wife’s daughter by a former husband,”  Helena, wife of Teunis DeKay, Anne, wife of Andrew Gravenraedt, Peter, Catharine, wife of Henry Rensellaer, Johannes, and Mary wife of Stephen Richards. (No witnesses.) 1699.

  • Abstract: Will of Major Abraham Staats

Major Abraham Staats. From New York City Wills, 1708-1728. “In the name of god, Amen. Appeared before me, Robert Livingston, of Albany, on the 21 day of April, 1683, Major Abraham Staats, who leaves his estate to his wife, Tryntie Joachims, during her life, and then to his children, Sarah, Isaac, Joachim, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Abraham Staats, Jr. and to Bruyne, son of Catharine Staats, deceased.

  • Translation: Will of Jacob Teunis De Kay

Jacob Teunis De Kay.  From New York City Wills, 1708-1728. “In the name of the Lord, Amen. The last will and testament of me, Jacob Teunis De Kay, made ye 13 day of April, 1688.” “Know all men by these presents who shall see this Instrument, and hear this my last will, that I, Jacob Teunis De Kay, being at present by the Grace of God in good health.”  I leave to my eldest son Teunis [money] in evidence of his birth right and privilege as first born, by which all future pretences upon that account shall be cut off.  I leave to my daughter, Maria De Kay, because she is defective in body, a certain piece of ground and housing, already built thereon, adjoinging to the house of my son, Teunis De Kay, according to the Patent thereof.  And a transport after my decease shall be given to her and her children, but if she have no children, then it shall return to the hereinafter named heirs.  I have formerly given and now confirm to my son, Jacob De Kay, a certain parcel of land in the Highlands, whereof a Patent is made in his own name, and in quantity as by the Patent may appear.  I also give and confirm to Jacob De Kay, son of Teunis De Kay, a certain parcel of land lying in the Highlands, whereof a Patent is granted in his own name, and in quantity as by the Patent may appear.  I make for my universal heirs my wife, Hillegarde Teunis, and my children gotten by her, viz., Teunis, Janeke, Angentie, Jacob, and Maria, “and those which by God’s Grace I may in the future get.”  My wife is to have the use of houses and lands, but no power to sell, and “she is to aliment and bring up to age the under aged children.” I make my wife executor.

  • Abstract: Will of Goosen Gerrit Van Schaick

Goosen Gerrit Van Schaick.   From Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany. Before he married his second wife (about 1657) he made a contract in which he reserved from his estate 6000 guilders for his four eldest children by the first wife [Geritje Brantse van Nieukerke], that being her separate estate. In 1668 he and his second wife [Annetie Lievense} made a joint will, he being about to depart for Holland. These children are named:  Geertie, the wife of Hendrick Coster (in 1681 the wife of Johannes Lansing);  Gerrit, b. 1650, then in Holland; Sybrant, b. 1653; Anthony, b. 1655; Gerritie, b. 1657, married Capt . Andries Drayer; Engeltie, b. 1659;  Livinus, b. 1661; Cornelis, b. 1663; Margarita, b. 1665, married Rev. Barnbardus Freeman; Barent, b. 1668.

  • Translation: Will of Anthony Cornelis Van Der Poel

Anthony (Teunis) Cornelis Van Der Poel From New York City Wills, 1665-1707. “In the name of god, Amen. The 17 June, 1687, in the 3rd year of our Gracious Sovereighn, James the Second. I, Anthony Cornelis Van der Poel, dwelling at Watervliet in the manor of Rensselaerwyck, in the Countyof Albany, yeoman, being in health.  I make void all former wills, and especially that will made by me and my wife, dated May 12, 1669.  My will is that my wife, Catrina Janse Croon, shall remain in full possession of all my estate, for life. After her decease all estate, real and personal, to my three daughters Elizabeth, wife of Benony Van Corlaer; Mary, wife of Anthony Van Schaick; and Johana Anthonesse, wife of Barent Lewis.  I appoint my son-in-law Anthony Van Schaick, Levinus Van Schaick, one of the aldermen of Albany, and John Lansing, tutors of my children.”

  • Translation: Will of Catrina Janse Van Der Poel

Catrina Janse Croon Van Der Poel.  From New York City Wills, 1665-1707. “In the name of God, Amen, this 11 December, 1694. I Catrina Janse Croon, dwelling in Albany, being in health.  I make my sole and universal heirs my three children, Elizabeth, wife of Benony Van Corlaer; Mary, wife of Anthony Van Schaick; and Johana Anthonesse Van der Poel, wife of James Van Stragden, in accordance with the will of my deceased husband Anthony Cornelisse Van der Poel.  And after my decease, Johan Abeel and my three children are to be administrators.”

  • Abstract: Will of John Shumate, Jr.

John Shumate, Jr. Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia, Wills, Inventories and Accounts, 1759-1800, by John K. Gott, 1972, p. 156 lists will of John Shumate. In the will, dated May 19, 1783, he names sons Thomas, Bailey, Wm., John, Joshua, Daniel, James, and daughters Lettice and Jemima.  Wife Judith [also called Judah] is named. Proved Oct. 25, 1784.

  • Abstract: Will of Johann Philip Ensminger

Johann Philip Ensminger. In the book West Virginia Estate Settlements, compiled by Ross B. Johnston, the will of Philip Entsminger, Sr. is abstracted. Date of will is Apr. 1807, Monroe County, Virginia. Listed are wife Cathy; sons Andrew, Joshua, Henry, Elijah, Anthony, Phillip, and Jonathan; daughters Susan Miller, Cathy Platts [Plott], Elizabeth Hunter, and Mary Magdalene Vance.  Executors were friend John Spar, Sr. and son Phillip Entsminger.

  • Transcription: Will of Cornelius Noell

Cornelius Noell. He came from the Netherlands, but his parents were French refugees. The will of Cornelias Noel was probated June 10, 1699, and is found in the Order Book of Essex County, 1695-1699, page 150. Will of Cornelius Noel:  “Land and plantation where I now live to my loving wife Elizabeth Noel during her life, and after her death to my son Cornelius Noel. To my son James Noel a tract of land by the name of New Holland, and if it pleases God that my son do die without heirs, then I give the said land to my daughter Elizabeth Noel. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Noel my land between the old field and John Anderson’s joining upon John Anderson’s containing 100 acres. To my son Daniel Noel 600 pounds of tobacco. To my daughter Mary Cloutson 600 pounds of tobacco. To my daughter Margaret Cloutson 600 pounds of tobacco. To my son Cornelius Noel 600 pounds of tobacco if he should live to be of age. To my son James Noel 600 lbs. of tobacco if he lives to be of age. To my daughter Elizabeth Noel 600 lbs. of tobacco if she lives to be of age. Wife executrix.”  16 Jan. 1699.  Cornelius Noel. Witnesses:  Vickeroy, Thomas Hickplesolt (Thos. Hucklescott) Recorded 10 June 1699.

  • Transcription: Will of John Samuel Sparr

John Samuel Sparr. “I, John Sparr, of the County of Fayette and State of Virginia, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary, my black man Davie together with one cow two head of sheep, one feather bed, bedstead and bedding for and during the term of her natural life and at her decease to be equally divided between my two daugahters Elizabeth Koontz and Katherine Cart and the said black man Davie is to have liberty to choose his master at the decease of my wife and shall be valued by two disinterested men and his said master so chosen shall pay one half of such valuation to Elizabeth Koontz and the other half to Katherine Cart and if the person so chosen shall fail or refuse so to do then the said slave shall have liberty to choose untill he shall get one that will perform and the person so performing shall be the sole proprietor of him the said slave forever. I also give and bequeath unto my wife fifteen bushels wheat , thirty bushels corn and all the rufness on the farm. 2nd: I give and bequeath unto Jacob Cart my sorrell mare. 3rd: I desire that immediately after my decease that all the remaining part of my estate of every description be sold and out of the money arising therefrom all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid, after which payment, I desire that the remaining part of my estate not heretofore disposed of be divided among my children herein named as follows to-wit: Samuel, Five Dollars, George, Five Dollars, Susan, five dollars, Polly, five dollars, then the remainder whatever it may be to be divided between my two daughtes Elizabeth Koontz and Katherine Cart giving Elizabeth Twenty dollars more than Katherine. And lastly I do constiture and appoint my two sons-in-law Jacob Koontz and Jacob Cart Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th day of November, 1836.” Signed, sealed published and declared as and for the last will and testament of the said John Sparr in the present of us, who have hereunto set our names as witnesses in his presence and at his request.  Carnifix. Henry Crist. Will Book 1 1832-1865, Pgs. 38 & 39, Fayette County, West Virginia.

  • Abstract: Will of Francis George Steger

Francis George Steger. Cumberland County, Virginia. His will was signed 14 Jan. 1769; date of probate was 27 Feb. 1769. Mentioned were wife Ann Jannett, daughter Keturah King Mariana, and son Samuel. Executors were sons John Parrett Stegar, Thomas Stegar, and Hance Stegar.

  • Abstract: Will of Christopher Branch

Christopher Branch – From Genealogies of Virginia Families, VOL. II, from Tyler’s QTLY: “The will of Christopher Branch of Kingsland on the James River is dated June 20, 1678, and was proved Feb. 20, 1681 -1682. He makes a bequest to his granddaughter, wife of Thomas Jefferson, and appoints Jefferson one of the executors.”

  • Abstract: Will of Thomas Jefferson 

Thomas Jefferson [grandfather of the President] – Genealogies of Virginia Families, V. II from Tyler’s QTLY. This article states that an inventory of his estate was entered into public record in 1698 and his heirs were son Thomas and daughter Martha. No mention of Mary.

  • Abstract: Will of Francis Eppes, II

Francis Eppes II – From Don Sanders file at Francis died in 1678 . . . , making a noncupative will, witnessed by Wm. Randolph and Richard Cocke, Sr., naming son Francis executor. Genealogy of the Harris and Allied Families states that he was killed by Indians.

  • Transcription: Will of John Bristow

John Bristow – The will of John Bristow was probated Nov. 6, 1716 and recorded in Will Book “B”, 51, Middlesex County, Virginia, and reads: “In the name of God Amen I John Bristow being sick and week in body but sound in memory do make this my last will and testamt First I bequeath my soule to God that made it & my body to the earth from whence it came & all my worldly goods as follows: Item I lend unto my loving wife Mary Bristow one negro woman named Judy during my wifes natural life & then to return to my estate againe Item I give and bequeath unto my son Nicholas Bristow one negro man named Jack to him and his heirs Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Anne Bristow one negro woman named Bess with incres to hur and hur heires forever Item I give and bequeath unto my grandson John Bristow sone of Tho: Bristow one negro  boy named Majgor (sic) to him & his heires Item I give and bequeath unto William Owen sone of Michaell Owen one negro garle named Lotty hur and hur incres forever Item I give and bequeath unto my sone William Bristow one negro garle named Rose hur and hur incres forever Item I give and bequeath unto my two sones Nicholas & James Bristow my land to be equally divided betoined them & their heires forever Item I give & bequeath my hole personall estate to be equally divided betoine my wife & children after my debts first paid & Lastly I appoint my sones Nicholas & James Bristow Executures of this my last Will & Testament as witness my hand and seale this 20 Day of Feb 1716. (Signed) John Bristow (Seal)  Will Daniell, Will Daniell jnr. Probated November 6, 1716”

  • Transcription: Will of Capt. Thomas Pawlett

Captain Thomas Pawlett – “To my god-children Wm Harris, John Woodson, Tho. Aston, Thomas Fludd, Henry Richley, John Bishop, Tho. Woodward, Tho. Boyse, Tho. Poythers, and William Bayle, one silver spoon and one sow shote apiece, for eant of shotes the value to be paid out of the estate; to god-children Fra: Epps & Wm ferrar a silver spoon & my silver bowl and wine cup, to be divided between them; to Lieut. Bishop, Sergeant Williams, and Ensign Page, 20 shillings; to the Church of Westover, 10 acres, to lye forty pole square, now leased to Richard Hamlet, which ten acres are to be laid out for the best conveniency of the church; to my loving friends Mr George Menefie and mr Walter Aston, 20s apiece as poor token of my remembrance; to Mr George Menefie my sword and to Mr Walter Aston my gun; to Capt Fra. Eppes my drum, and to Mr Richard Jones minister my cow called Cherry; to Sir John Pawlett my everloving brother the residue of my estate after satisfaction of legacies and debts;” sir John, sole ex’or, Capt. Francis Epps and Mr Walter Aston overseers of his will who are to bury him according to their own discretion; bequeathes to them 5L apiece sterl., but “withall desiring them that this and all other Legacies mentioned in this will may not be paid in money, but in some commodity naturally produced inthis country that they may be no greter prejudice to the estate than the value of each legacy.” In case of his brother’s death before his enjoyment of this estte, “then my overseers to surrender it to Sir Wm Berklay, my much honoured kinsman, who is then to be ex’or”; to Mrs. Epps 20s. for a ring and my Bible; to Mrs. Menefie and Mrs. Aston 40s apiece; to Mrs. Reynolds Evans one cow; to Sam Salmon, 20s; “My two servants, John Claptona nd John Bennett, if they shall do faithful service to within one years space of the end of their indentures, to have them delivered up, othewise to be disposed of by the overseers of county court; my ex’ors to pay William Mundy 30s due form my Bro Chideck Pawlett; gives 40 shillings to John South”.  Dated 12 January, 1643.  Witnesses John South, John Flud, Reynold Evans.  Proved by the oath of Reynolds Evans before me:  Fra: Epps. This will, along with other wills and deeds, is in Byrd’s Book of Title Deeds. Manuscript in the Virginia Historical Society.

  • Transcription: Will of Morris Veale

Morris Veale. In the name of God, amen. I Morris Veale of the County of Westmoreland and Washington Parish being very Sick and weak of body but Perfect of mind & memory, make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, Revoking all other Wills and Testaments by me formerly made Vas Impriimis I give and bequeath my immortal Soul into the hands of my maker & Redeemer from whence I received the same, and my body I commit to my Mother Earth of which it was formed and made to be decently interred at the discretion of any –Executors or Executrix hereafter named and unto my worldly goods I give and bequeath in manner form as followeth, viz, Secondly I give and my Land and plantation I now live upon to be equally divided betweats my three Sons, Morris, John, and William to be possessed by them when they shall arrive at the respective age of 21 unless my Wife shall happen to marry then it is my will my said Sons shall be of age of 16 years, otherwise if she Continue as Widow to live work and remain with her until they arrive at the full age of 21 and in case of Mortality of any of these Sons aforesaid the Survivor or Survivors to Possess and enjoy what is here given. 3rdly then It is my Will that my daughter Amy have and Possess three live cows which are now called hers, with their increase, and also one gray horse to be delivered at the day of her marriage, both and what household goods my Executors shall give at her marriage. I commit the same to her motherly prudence, 4thly I give and bequeath to my daughter Eleanor two cows and one mare with their future increase, to be delivered her also at the day of her marriage, and for household goods I leave it to the discretion of my loving wife & Exec.  5thly it is my will my daughter Mary have and enjoy the four head of cattle which now goeth by the name of hers, they with all their future increase to be delivered to her at the day of her marriage, and as to the remaining part of my personell estate, I wholly commit it to the donation and distribution of my loving wife & Exec. 6thly, It is my Will my loving wife Dorothy be my whole and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament. 7thly It is my will and desire that my loving friends and neighbours, Darby Swillevant [Sullivan], Richard Hencock and Tobias Butler be Trustees and overseers of this my last Will & Testament to see if performed for the good and benefit of my Children and for the greater ease of my sole wife & Exec.  8thly it is my will my Son Morris & Son John have each of them have a gun which are now in my house possessions. In Confirmation whereof the before cited premises, and of every article therein Contained I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 9th day of October Ann Dom 1695. Witnesses present at the signing and sealing hereof are  James Taylor, Richard __________. [Signed] Morris Veale. This Will probated on 29 July 1696. (Original is from County of Westmoreland, Virginia, Deeds & Wills Book 2, page 62.)

  • Transcription: Will of George Lyddal

George Lyddal. In the name of God, Amen: I, George Lyddall of ye Parish of St. Peter’s in ye County of New Kent in Virga, Gent: doe & imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son in law Capt. Joseph Harwood and his wife, my father and mother’s pictures in Little, they have in their possession. Item I give and bequesath unto my grandson George Wilkinson my mare Benny, ye first mare foul she brings maybe and remain to his sister Judith Wilkinson. Item, I give and bequeath unto my deare and loving wife jane Lyddall my two negroes by name Harry & Hannah & all their future increase and I bereby ordain and appoint my Beloved wife Jane Lyddall Full and & sole Executrix of this my last will and testament giving & bequeathing unto her all y whole Estate that Remains after ye payment of ye above Legacies. I say all my Eastate that remeaineth both Reall & Personal whether here or in England, and in Witness whereof I have here (Revoking all other wills) sett my hand and Seale this fifteenth day of November 1703.  Proved January 28th 1705 by ye oaths of Thomas Henderson and James Melons, Witnesses Thos. Henderson, Sarah Henderson, James Melons and Stephen Sumter.

  • Transcription: Will of Christopher Branch

Christopher Branch.

20 June 1678
In the name of God Amen. The twentieth of June 1678. I Christopher Branch, of Kingsland, in the County of Henrico being in years and memory, praised be to God, do make this my Last Will and Testament as follows:
Item. I give my body unto the Earth from whence it came and my Soul unto my Savior Jesus Christ, who has bought it with his most precious blood.
Item. I give unto my son Thomas Branch my great copper kettle and a book called Ursinis Catucis and I do confirm the two hundred and forty acres of land that I have given him by deed gift formerly.
Item. I give unto my grandson Christopher Branch all the land between the river and the long slash, beginning at Proctors Creek mouth, and run upward on the river to the pine tree that parts my land and my son Thomas, and from Proctors Creek at the lower end of long slash on the inside of the slash running upward to my son Thomas’ land unto him and his heirs male forever, provided that he shall help to build for his brother, Samuel Branch a house [with] four lengths of board every length to be five foot with help of the Negro and Job. If they live until Samuel be of ability to help and to seat it, and to help him to clear a cornfield sufficiently fenced to keep out hogs and cattle.
Item. I give unto my grandson Samuel Branch all the land that lies between the long slash and the bottom called by the name Jacks Bottom, beginning at Proctors Creek and running upwards to my son Thomas’ land to him and his heirs male forever provided that he, with the help of Christopher and the Negro and Job, if it pleased God they live, do build Benjamin one house of four lengths of board every length of board to be five foot long, clear and fence him a cornfield so much as they do for Samuel, with his help when he shall be able to seat it.
Item. I give unto my grandson Benjamin Branch all the land that lies between Jacks Bottom and Proctors Creek beginning at Proctors Creek and running upwards to my son Thomas’ land to him and his heirs male forever. It is my will that Christopher do give unto Samuel and Benjamin six locust posts and two elm posts a piece when they shall build them their dwelling houses if they can find none on their own ground. It is my will that any of these—Christopher, Samuel, or Benjamin—do die before they come to the age of one and twenty years then their land shall return to the next brother and the goods that they shall have out of my estate after my decease. It is my will that after my decease, my son Thomas shall pay unto Christopher the rent that shall be due unto his Majesty yearly for his two hundred and forty acres of land when it shall be demanded. Likewise, Mr. Gower, Samuel, and Benjamin when they shall seat their land.
Item. It is my will that neither Samuel nor Benjamin go off the plantation but to live with Christopher and to have housing and ground and to work together until they be able to seat their own land unless they be willing to go off themselves. It is my will that my part of my Job’s labor, so long as he has to serve, shall go to maintain Samuel, Benjamin, and Sarah, and the half of the Negro’s labor go to maintain them.
Item. It is my will that the cart way be not stopped up nor altered that now is to go into the woods for timber or for firewood but to have a clear passage. It is my will that William and John Branch shall have liberty to fish or fowl in the creeks or swamp. If Christopher shall refuse to help to build and clear for Samuel and Benjamin as I have set down in this my will, then he shall pay to Benjamin six hundred pounds of tobacco.
Item: I give unto Thomas Jefferson one hogshead of tobacco of four hundred pounds weight whom I make with my grandson Christopher Branch my full and sole executors of this my last will and testament and I desire them to see my will truly performed, my debts and legacies being paid and burial discharged, all the rest of my estate I give unto my grandson Christopher Branch and Samuel and Benjamin and Sarah and Mary Branch, the wife of Thomas Jefferson to be equally divided among them. Witness my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Christopher Branch
Abel Gower
Richard Ward