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  1. Kristi Noems speech at the National Leadership Seminar: Liberty and the Pandemic    10/29/2020
  2. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. encourages us to insist on answers about COVID-19 and to stand up to big pharma and big tech in order to preserve our 1st Amendment rights. 10/26/2020
  3. The Bidens’ federal crimes uncovered by Rudy Giuliani.  10/25/2020
  4. The technology purge is upon us. Dozens of alternative news media have been banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paypal, and even Spotify. Amazing Polly shares her experience.  10/22/2020
  5. Do you know about the new money system? Some parts of NESARA and GESARA are already being implemented. The very end of the video is a little weird, but the part about the money system is important, so watch it. (9/27/2020)
  6. Polly St. George, also known as “Amazing Polly,” exposes how the leftists plan to steal the election and/or get rid of Trump by any means possible in this report Coup in the Making. Some retired generals are close to treason and need to be investigated. 9/10/2020
  7. Lynette Zang knows a lot about money, and she explains the new digital money system that may come as soon as January.  If you don’t already know about it, this video may help.  8/17/2020
  8. Are you wondering about Q? About adrenochrome? About child trafficking? Researcher Polly St. George ties it all together. She names the people who are involved and tells how they are connected. 8/28/2020
  9. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist with  experience in several capacities within the government, discusses the dynamics of the Trump family.  8/24/2020
  10. Polly, an independent researcher, compares the two competing narratives about COVID-19. Who Do You Trust? 8/23/2020
  11. Another great report by SGTreport. Discussion of a wide range of topics: masks, vaccinations, artificial intelligence, flat earth, psychological manipulation, alteration of human DNA, GMOs, and more. 8/22/2020
  12. SGTreport’s show today asks, “Are we human beings or government property?” Do not assume your rights are secure. You must fight for them every day.  Brent Johnson explains how  to refuse masks and vaccines, etc. 8/20/2020
  13. SGTReport exposes Chinese troops entering Australia and possibly Canada, Google, big pharma, CV19, harmful 5G, censorship, and more. Great interview with Maryam Henein. 8/19/2020
  14. Michael Matt of The Remnant exposes liars and villains that will affect us all.  8/18/2020
  15. Perhaps the most shocking video ever! Millie Weaver’s video, Shadow Gate, has already been banned, but she exposes a lot of dirty tricks by people in government. 8/17/2020
  16. Dave Hodges on The Common Sense Show shares an Australian’s analysis of what this pandemic is doing. 8/9/2020
  17. Steve Turley reports on churches that are refusing to abide by the government mandates not to hold services. He has some really sound insights on “public vs private” activities and beliefs. 8/7/2020
  18. Amazing Polly reads letters from people that have had their “awakening”. They explain how they finally began to see what’s really happening in the world. 8/7/2020
  19. RedPill78 interviews Mark Taylor again. Mark discusses how God is judging the church now and why. He shares what he believes God is doing in our country. It’s interesting, whether you agree or disagree. 7/26/2020
  20. We all need to understand Agenda 21. Rosa Koire explains it to Spiro Skouras. 7/19/2020
  21. Amazing Polly examines the mandates imposed due to the current COVID19 “crisis” and compares them to torture.  7/2/2020
  22. X22Report News on COVID19 and destruction of globalist agenda, plus shocking details about Planned Parenthood. 7/1/2020
  23. SGTreport‘s show tonight should  be required viewing for every American.  Wayne Jett sagely, carefully, and clearly explains what is happening in our country now and why we must turn things around before it is too late. 6/29/20
  24. RedPill78 interviews Mark Taylor, a Christian who shares what God is telling him about current events. Mark discusses end times, military tribunals, etc.
  25. On RedPill78, guest historian Donald Jeffries reveals the truth about the hottest topics today: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, the Kennedy assassination, and more.
  26. McDuff, Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA  interviews George Webb about his new book after YouTube removed four years of investigative videos. Webb exposes crimes in high places and reveals some uncomfortable truths about our government.
  27. Amazing Pollys research proves that much of the narrative about the pandemic is manipulated. Her other videos are equally good.
  28. Dr. Steve Turley discusses the current growth of citizen militia groups.
  29. Accurate information on “chemtrails” and weather engineering is hard to find. SGTreport interviews an expert who answers a lot of questions.
  30. Out of Shadows is a recently produced video about how the government and media brainwash us. Over 15 million views as of June 28, 2020.
  31. The Fall of the Cabal in 10 parts by Janet Ossebaard has over three million views as of June 25, 2020.
  32. Hillsdale College sponsored this event featuring Sidney Powell‘s speech “How to Fix Justice.” It has over 800,000 views on June 27, 2020.
  33. Steve Pieczenik tells the truth about false flags by our own government.
  34. Glenn Beck exposes George Soros’s involvement in Ukraine and in civil unrest worldwide: “The Democrats’ Hydra.”
  35. Amazing Polly shares what she has learned about George Soros and corruption in the Ukraine.
  36. Ukraine Scandal Explained is presented by Glenn Beck.
  37. Pastor Carl Gallups explains how the elite worship Satan in Baal Is Back.
  38. Attorney General Bill Barr presents an excellent speech about religious liberty at the Notre Dame Law School.
  39. CIA Whistelblower Kevin Shipp exposes the Shadow Government for Geoengineering Watch followers.