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“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.” Ps. 24:1-2

JULY 30, 2021

John Moore, former military intelligence officer and homicide detective, warns of “Planet X” hitting earth in the next few years, wiping out much of the population and changing Earth’s geography. This will include a “pole shift”.

FDA faked COVID test protocol using common cold virus. A “COVID19” virus has not been isolated and is not available for study.

DANGER! COVID19 vaccinated people with magnetism side-effects should NOT have MRIs.

JULY 29, 2021

Graphene oxide has been identified as a toxic component of the COVID19 vaccines. Now, Dane Wigington exposes the use of graphene oxide in chemtrails. We breathe in these poisonous particles.

Dr. McCullough says the vaccines are unsafe and must be stopped.

CDC admits the vaccinated are super-spreaders, and the vaccinations do not protect against the illness.

Majority of new cases are among the VACCINATED, contrary to mainstream reports.

Don Huffines, Republican candidate for Governor of Texas, speaks at CPAC.

If the vaccines are not stopped, America will be wiped out. The vaccines are part of a plan to kill Americans and replace them with immigrants.

JULY 28, 2021  

PCR test inventor, Kary Banks Mullis, explains why Dr. Fauci isn’t to be trusted and more.  (Mullis stated, before he died, that the PCR test should not be used to diagnose COVID19.)

If people get jabbed after watching this, unfortunately, they are beyond saving.

IMPORTANT! President Trump took control of the Federal Reserve Bank and made it part of the U.S. Treasury. No wonder the globalists were determined to get him out of office by any means necessary. (This video was made before Trump left the Presidency.)

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine says some Covid vaccines make the virus more dangerous

JULY 27, 2021

COVID cases increasing in counties with the highest vaccination rates

Interview with Dr.  Roger Hodkinson

Maryland Nurse Reports on Vaccination Catastrophe

45,000 Deaths from COVID shots. Lawsuit against the US government.

Dr. Carrie Madej tells the Health Ranger that COVID vaccines use exotic nanotech for tracking and bio-control.

Dr. Zelenko explains the folly of getting the COVID jab

JULY 26, 2021

Censored 2009 Report Featured MD Whistleblower Leaking Plans For Staged Viral Release Triggering UN Takeover / Depopulation

Registered nurse says more patients in New York died of medical mismanagement than of COVID.

Polly St. George exposes magnetic nanoparticles in masks, swabs, and COVID vaccines.  Mind control is real.

JULY 25, 2021

Dark to Light–An uplifting video by Eye Drop Media. Can this happen? Only if more people wake up and push back against the globalist plans.

***Is it true that most COVID cases now are among the unvaccinated?

***Doctors in Sydney report 141 new  hospitalizations for COVID. All but one have been vaccinated.

The UN now has a compound in Utah and military assets all over the US.

JULY 24, 2021

Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project at the National Children’s Museum? Why should we worry about Blackrock and Vanguard buying up all residential property? Much more revealed. 

Why did predict a 70% drop in U.S. population from 2013 to 2025? What did they know?

Don’t miss this episode of AndWeKnow. Some surprising information is presented. 

***Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology and RNA transfection, says that the vaccines are toxic and that the CDC is covering up the data.

COVID vaccine spike proteins attack male reproductive organs and may cause sterility, says prominent medical doctor.

Interview with Dr. Hodkinson.

Nobel prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier says the COVID vaccine is a terrible mistake. His statements agree with what many other distinguished scientists are saying.

***Public health data in England show that vaccinated people are more likely to get sick and more likely to die than unvaccinated people.

JULY 22, 2021

FDA and FAUCI Fraud. They knew the vaccine side-effects two months in advance. Vaccinated children will experience new disease.

JULY 21, 2021

Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan

Texas Children’s Transgender Clinic gives $250,000 bribe to Gov. Abbott, other Republicans

Links about the dangers of graphene in masks:

***Data from Israel reveals that 84% of new COVID cases are with vaccinated individuals.

JULY 19, 2021

Spanish scientists discuss the possibility that vaccinated people with severe reactions may be affected by proximity to 5G towers.

JULY 18, 2021

Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs discussion of whether COVID vaccines should be mandated or not. Testimony indicates the vaccine creates more illness than the disease.

JULY 17, 2021

More vaccinated pilots have died.

JULY 16, 2021

Barrie Trower says 5G will devastate humanity but those behind it are above the law! It is already being used for mind control. Listen and save your family.

This explains the relationship between graphene oxide and Covid 19. Government leaders are murderers, and they know it. The song at the end inspires.

The Covid 19 genocide of 2020. Clair Edwards is doing her part to inform us. We must all resist the evil leaders around us. They have no legitimacy.

JULY 15, 2021

***Canadian MP reveals hospitals are filled with already vaccinated patients

Dr. Roger Hodkinson elaborates on the heart inflammation issues in relation to the CV vaccines. “The truth will come out.”

The Indian Bar Association is suing the WHO for false information about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Science Journals engaged in massive disinformation campaign.

JULY 14, 2021

Very important video for the discerning, regarding graphene, photoluminescence and the power and control evident in Covid research.

Graphene oxide is the cause of COVID19, and mass poisoning is going on. This was the globalist plan to depopulate the world.

How mainstream media are lying about the data.

JULY 13, 2021


Let’s be clear. This is a plan for population reduction.

High Levels of EMF

Hospitalization after Vaccination

Prion Disease

Graphene Oxide Poisoning

Enlarged heart

Babies being killed

Brain trauma

Graphene oxide poisoning

Risks to Military

Prion disease=”Mad Cow Disease”

Vaccinated people hospitalized

Destroyed immune system

Miscarriages and infertility

Nervous system disorders

Many victims listed

Blood clots

Multiple organ failure, malpractice

Heart condition

Heartbroken doctor

Unusual bleeding, inability to have erection

Magnetic nanoparticles in the blood

Microscopic blood clots

JULY 13, 2021 

The vaccine murders must stop. Thousands have died, but the injections go on, even in children. Stew Peters interview with survivor. Why are we allowing this madness?

The WHO is using a controversial malaria vaccine on children in Africa without parental consent.  How do we stop this?

JULY 12, 2021

Dane Wigington elaborates on how the Deep State globalists are destroying the earth. Our biosphere is being destroyed.

JULY 11, 2021

Stunning interview with Dr. David Martin regarding research into coronavirus patents. Possible racketeering. There was no novel coronavirus.

JULY 8, 2021

Spanish researchers have discovered that the virus and vaccine deaths are caused by graphene oxide. There are English subtitles. Must listen! 

This is about the same discovery, but there is an English transcript under the video.

JULY 4, 2021

This is what is coming to your child’s school cafeteria. Don’t be fooled.

JULY 3, 2021

Carrie Madej explains the plan to take over our brains via the components in the CV vaccines along with 5G.  This will open your eyes.

JULY 2, 2021

This report from April 2021 is a warning from Michael Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer.

Extremely important interview with Dr. Peter McCullough. Must listen. 

JUNE 28, 2021

Legal consequences: upcoming Nuremberg 2 trials regarding COVID 19

JUNE 27, 2021

Medical malpractice on a national scale killing young people

JUNE 26, 2021

Dr. Judy Mikovitz says the government has been creating diseases for years. Never take another vaccine.

JUNE 24, 2021

Interview with Inventor of mRNA  and DNA Vaccine Technology

JUNE 22, 2021

The magnetism in vaccines explained

JUNE 21, 2021

Christian and former cell phone company boss exposes 5G and its relation to the Corona virus. 

JUNE 20, 2021

Explanation of the dangers of COVID-19 by a world-renowned doctor

JUNE 6, 2021

How do the vaccines kill you? This is important. 

MAY 19, 2021

Important new documentary about climate engineering.


We are Truly up Against Evil. “And We Know” reports on medical news and events in Israel.

Catherine Austin Fitts discusses the spiritual dimension of the  pandemic.

Controversy among Christians about the Vaccines

Dr. Dolores Cahill says their game is up.

The FDA Should Repeal Emergency Use Approval for the Vaccines

Vaccines make people magnetic.

The Rice Explanation of Viruses by Del Bigtree

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Pose Dangers

Health Ranger Report: Vaccines and Food Crops

The Fauici-COVID19 Dossier


Pros and Cons: Stanford Study


Geo-engineering as Cause of Recent Texas Cold Weather Has a Political Purpose. There are several links on this page.

List of top 100 Weather Patents in the U.S.


The Ice Age Farmer


Catherine Austin Fitts and Solari Advisors


Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset

The Agenda of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab to Make the USA Surrender to Global Government

HEALTH AND FREEDOM CONFERENCE, APRIL 17-19, 2021, at Rhema Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Simone Gold:  Legal steps to fight back on behalf of all people


Exposes alleged crimes of Rod Rosenstein, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Donna Brazile, Justice John Roberts, and others in government. This can be viewed online.


The links below are meant to help you get context and use your own judgement about how to ensure  your good health. I am not a medical professional, and I am unable to validate anything in these links. All I can do is say that I find them credible. The fact that mainstream media generally silences them indicates to me that they need to be heard.

Eight ways the MRNA vaccines can kill you

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Exposing Vaccine Danger  Look for reports on the internet

Pfizer Scientist Warns of Government Enslavement and Murder via Vaccines

Vaccine Deaths

A Unique Protest in Europe

Warning for HumanityCOVID19 Vaccines

Dr. Simone Gold’s Speech about COVID19 and Vaccines

Priceless Insight 

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Explains How Depopulation Will Work. She also mentions “The Mark of the Beast.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. encourages us to insist on answers about COVID-19 and to stand up to big pharma and big tech in order to preserve our 1st Amendment rights. 10/26/2020

Pathogenic Priming

Do Not Take the Vaccine!

Hydroxychloroquine Factory Explodes

Kristi Noems speech at the National Leadership Seminar: Liberty and the Pandemic    10/29/2020

SGTReport shares information about the COVID19 Vaccine

The Corbett Report explores the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID19 Vaccine

COVID19 is Fake, according to researcher Dr. Derek Knauss

Nano-technology in Vaccines

Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Masks

COVID Vaccines may cause prions to eat your brain




Geo-engineering as Cause of Recent Texas Cold Weather Has a Political Purpose. There are several links on this page.

List of top 100 Weather Patents in the U.S.

THE 1776 REPORT from President Trump’s Administration

1776 Report


China’s Cyberwarfare Attack in the U.S. 2020 Election.

Absolute Proof by Michael Lindell

Texas Plans for Secession, in part due to the election fraud



(Sorry some of these have been scrubbed from the internet by YouTube. They may be available on Rumble or Bitchute.)

  1. Tony Fauci and the AIDS Genocide  2/1/2020
  2. The Tavistock Institute has long had a sinister and ubiquitous influence on American social problems. Be informed! 2/25/2021
  3. The technology purge is upon us. Dozens of alternative news media have been banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Paypal, and even Spotify. Amazing Polly shares her experience.  10/22/2020
  4. Polly St. George, also known as “Amazing Polly,” exposes how the leftists plan to steal the election and/or get rid of Trump by any means possible in this report Coup in the Making. Some retired generals are close to treason and need to be investigated. 9/10/2020
  5. Lynette Zang knows a lot about money, and she explains the new digital money system that may come as soon as January.  If you don’t already know about it, this video may help.  8/17/2020
  6. Are you wondering about Q? About adrenochrome? About child trafficking? Researcher Polly St. George ties it all together. She names the people who are involved and tells how they are connected.
  7. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist with  experience in several capacities within the government, discusses the dynamics of the Trump family.  8/24/2020
  8. Polly, an independent researcher, compares the two competing narratives about COVID-19. Who Do You Trust? 8/23/2020
  9. Michael Matt of The Remnant exposes liars and villains that will affect us all.  8/18/2020
  10. Steve Turley reports on churches that are refusing to abide by the government mandates not to hold services. He has some really sound insights on “public vs private” activities and beliefs. 8/7/2020
  11. Amazing Polly reads letters from people that have had their “awakening”. They explain how they finally began to see what’s really happening in the world. 8/7/2020
  12. Amazing Polly examines the mandates imposed due to the current COVID19 “crisis” and compares them to torture.  7/2/2020
  13. RedPill78 interviews Mark Taylor, a Christian who shares what God is telling him about current events. Mark discusses end times, military tribunals, etc.
  14. On RedPill78, guest historian Donald Jeffries reveals the truth about the hottest topics today: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, the Kennedy assassination, and more.
  15. Amazing Polly‘s research proves that much of the narrative about the pandemic is manipulated. Her other videos are equally good.
  16. Dr. Steve Turley discusses the current growth of citizen militia groups.
  17. Out of Shadows is a recently produced video about how the government and media brainwash us. Over 15 million views as of June 28, 2020.
  18. The Fall of the Cabal in 10 parts by Janet Ossebaard has over three million views as of June 25, 2020.
  19. Hillsdale College sponsored this event featuring Sidney Powell‘s speech “How to Fix Justice.” It has over 800,000 views on June 27, 2020.
  20. Steve Pieczenik tells the truth about false flags by our own government.
  21. Glenn Beck exposes George Soros’s involvement in Ukraine and in civil unrest worldwide: “The Democrats’ Hydra.”
  22. Amazing Polly shares what she has learned about George Soros and corruption in the Ukraine.
  23. Ukraine Scandal Explained is presented by Glenn Beck.
  24. Pastor Carl Gallups explains how the elite worship Satan in Baal Is Back.
  25. Attorney General Bill Barr presents an excellent speech about religious liberty at the Notre Dame Law School.
  26. CIA Whistelblower Kevin Shipp exposes the Shadow Government for Geoengineering Watch followers.