A Little About Me


Starting at age 15, I often helped my mother do family tree research.  We spent a lot of time traipsing through cemeteries and interviewing older relatives. Genealogy continues to consume much of my time. Though I am mostly retired after 46 years of teaching, I don’t think I will ever retire from genealogy. I have two sons and six grandchildren, and I think it is important for them to know as much as possible about their family history.

Though I have lived most of my life in Texas, I have also lived in West Virginia, Germany, and Suriname, and I have visited France, Switzerland, Spain, Lichtenstein, Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, French Guiana, Peru, and Italy. I have not yet visited England, Scotland, or Ireland, which is unfortunate because most of my ancestors came from there. Even so, my travels have helped me visualize the places and circumstances most of my ancestors came from.

I want to make a clarification about the title of my site. I know that Michelle Obama’s genealogist has written about Mrs. Obama’s family history under the title “American Tapestry.” However, I used that specific title many years ago on a genealogy.com web page before I had ever heard of Michelle Obama. As far as I know, I was the first to use it.  (See below.)

I would like to thank Cathy Meder-Dempsey for finding the page (below) showing my use of the title American Tapestry. This page was made well before 2008.

Though my files need to be updated, you can view my tree at Rootsweb and at Ancestry.com.

I would love to hear from you.

K Steele Barrera