My Patriot Ancestors Listed with the DAR

I’m proud of my Revolutionary War patriot ancestors!

 1 Sgt. John McVey (1737-1823) served with Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge.

2 John Skaggs (1760-1839) was a Revolutionary War Scout and Spy.

3 Alexander Dickey (1746-1832) served with the South Carolina Militia.

4 Henry Johnson (1738-1815) served in the 10th North Carolina Regiment.

5 Robert Steele (1750-1821) served in the Virginia Militia with Capt. Adams of Montgomery County.

6 Solomon J. Lee (1758-1818) served as a soldier in North Carolina.

7 Samuel Paxton (1737-after 1806) served in the Virginia Militia under Capt. Wallace.

8 William Dillon ( 1725-1797) was a private and fifer in the 2nd Regiment of Virginia.

9 John Samuel Sparr (1748-1836) served in the Pennsylvania Militia.

10 Robert T. Smith, Jr. (1749-1834) served as a guard in Virginia, commanded by John Watson.

11 William Clopton (1720-1796) served as a captain in Virginia.

12 Johann Philip Ensminger (1727-1807) is listed by the DAR for patriotic service in Maryland.

13 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Shumate (1751-1826) served in the Virginia Militia from Fauquier County.

14 Charles Seale (1729-1798) served with the North Carolina Revolutionary Army.

15 1st Lieutenant Zachariah Nettles (1737-1803) served with General Marion in the Carolinas.

16 Henry Rains, Jr. (Aft. 1715-1785) delegate to the Provincial Congress in 1776. Served in the North Carolina State Assembly, 1777.

17 John Robertson Jefferson (1742-1809) was prosecuted in 1777 for refusing to pay the parish levy since the minister was a Loyalist.

18 Ann Isham Eppes Harris (1712-1787) gave provisions to the Revolutionary Army.

19 Capt. John Madison Hunter (1737-1796) served in the Virginia Militia, was Justice of the Peace in Campbell County, and furnished supplies for the Revolutionary cause.

20 Cornelius Carmack, Jr. (1759-1848) fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Militia groups from Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas soundly defeated the Loyalist militia and British Army.
The Battle of Kings Mountain, By Don Trioani.

21 Cornelius Carmack, Sr. (1736-1824) gave patriotic service as a road overseer in Overton County, Tennessee.

22 Thomas Allen Jones (1748-1839) served in a regiment of light horse under Capt. Samuel Scott in Virginia.

23 Abraham Vandal (1758-1848) enlisted in 1776 in the State Troops of New York in Orange County. He was engaged in erecting Fort Constitution on the Hudson River and was in the Battles of Long Island (below) and White Plains.

24 John McFarland, Sr. (1708-1784) is credited with patriotic service and taking the oath of allegiance in Bedford County, Virginia.

24 Thomas Holman (1723-1798) rendered material aid in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

25 Ambrose Bethea Raines (1750-1820)  took an oath of allegiance in Johnston County, North Carolina.

26 William Hazeltine (bef. 1760-1812) served in the North Carolina militia under Col. Hampton and Gen. Sumpter.

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