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  • Transcription: Minutes of the Greenbrier Baptist Church of Christ

January the 25th 1782

Monthly meeting held by the Baptist Church of Christ

Meeting was opened by reading a small impro…ment upon the 4th Chapter of Nehemiah after Prayer for direction, a Door was opened for Receiving of Experience,

Rachael Davis was received by telling a law and Gospel Experience

It is the mind of the Church that any of the members, or non members, may offer their Children to be prayed for.

February the 23 1782

A letter from the Brethren living in Botetourt representing their desire of Bro John Alderson coming As _________ _________, in Order to adjust some matters subsisting betwixt them

Ordered that Br Alderson attend the Second week in May next ——–


  • Transcription: Minutes of the Greenbrier Baptist Church of Christ

July 1782

Br. James Warren being about to remove his place of residence from this has petitioned for a letter of recommendation, the same was granted him.

Ordered that a Called Meeting be held the —th August next in order to write then—— letter which is to be held at Br. John Gerrards meeting house Mill Creek Bartley County August the 3rd Sunday.

August the 8th 1782

According to Our appointment last meeting, in Course the Afn Letter was Brought forward, read [and] approved, Our Br John Walker appointed as … messenger, to Bear the Same and represent us — the —–, _______- Our Brother having made his return from the Afn The Letter was read on Sunday the 12 of September in the Audience of the church.

January the 25 1783

Ordered that Br John Alderson John Osborn John T….. and Bailey Wood Attend meeting at Second Creek gap the third Saturday and Sunday in March. It is appointed that the Deacon provide some w….. the Administration of the Sacrament, The Church Lying at an unconveniency for a …