A Little About Me

Learning about our ancestors helps us deal with the events and challenges of their time. When we realize the sacrifices they made that now allow us to live comfortable, peaceful lives, we may feel quite humbled. I hope I can preserve the legacy of my forebears and other brave Americans for those who come after me, including my two sons and six grandchildren.

Starting at age 15, I often helped my mother do family tree research.  Genealogy continues to consume much of my time. Now that I have retired after 46 years of teaching, I hope to focus on finding the genealogical links that still elude me.

One clarification about the title of my site: I know that Michelle Obama’s genealogist has written about Mrs. Obama’s family history under the title “American Tapestry.” However, I used that specific title many years ago on a genealogy.com web page before I had ever heard of Michelle Obama. As far as I know, I was the first to use that title.  (See below.)

Kitty Steele Barrera

Thanks to Cathy Meder-Dempsey for locating my 
"proof" on a site last updated in 2005. 

Below is a screenshot showing my DNA ancestry, 
which is 100% European.