Welcome to my family history site, which will be primarily about my immigrant ancestors. I will also try to show how each line connects with the American Revolution.

As far as I know, all of my ancestral lines arrived on this continent before 1776, which I assume is rather unusual.  Though some were already here–the Native Americans of the Nansemond  tribe–the earliest immigrant ancestors were mostly English and Dutch, with a good number from Germany, France, Ireland, and Scotland.  They represent ancestors 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 generations back, which means some arrived 150 years before the War for Independence.  We’ve been speaking English a long time!

Here is a link to my GEDCOM.  Please let me know if you are seeking additional information on a particular ancestor, and I will do my best to help you as time permits.

Kitty Steele Barrera


Cover Art: 
The March to Valley Forge, By Wm.B.T. 
   Trego (1858-1909) [Public domain], via Wikimedia 

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Thanksgiving, By Jennie Augusta Brownscombe 
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The Fall of New Amsterdam, Jean Leon Gerome Ferris 
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Patrick Henry Before the Virginia House of Burgesses, 
   By Peter F. Rothermel (1817–1895)[Public domain], 
   via Wikimedia Commons
Declaration of Independence, By John Trumbull 
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Battle of Long Island, By Domenick D'Andrea, 
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Nieuw Amsterdam, By Johannes Vingboons 
   [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
First Dutch Reformed Church of Albany, By Unknown. 
   Edited by Daniel Case prior to upload 
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Official Presidential Portrait of Thomas Jefferson, 
   Rembrandt Peale [Public domain], via Wikimedia 
Martha Jefferson, [Public domain], via Wikimedia 

Immigrant Ancestors

13th Generation

  1. Robert Brasseure, b. about 1600 in France, d. 1667 in Maryland
  2. Philippe Du Trieux, b. 1586 in Robais, France (now Belgium), d. 1653 in New Netherland
  3. Susanna Du Chesne Du Trieux, b. 1601 in England, d. 1654, New Netherland
  4. Joachim Wesselse, b. 1579 in Germany, d. 1681 in New York
  5. Guertruy Hieronimus Wesselse, b. about 1584 in the Netherlands, d. in New York
  6. Theunis Thomaszen Quick, b. 1600 in the Netherlands, d. 1666 in New York
  7. Belitzen Jacobus Quick, b. in the Netherlands, d. in New York
  8. Brandt Van Neukirke,  b. in the Netherlands,  d. 1644 in New Netherland
  9. Christopher Branch, b. 1602 in England, d. 1681 in  Henrico County, Virginia
  10. Mary Addie Branch, b. about 1602 in England, d. 1630 in Henrico County, Virginia
  11. Col. Francis Epes, b. 1597 in England, d. before 1674 in Charles City County, Virginia
  12. Dr. Robert Booth, b. about 1613 in England, d. 1657 in York County, Virginia
  13. Frances Burgess Booth, b. about 1609 in England, d. 1668 in York County, Virginia
  14. William Andrews, b. before 1620 in England, d. 1684 in Essex County, Virginia
  15. Anneke Jans, b. 1605 in Norway, d. 1663 in New Netherlands
  16. Roelof Jansz Jansen, b. 1602 in Sweden, d. before 1637 in New Netherlands
  17. Thomas Osborne, b. about 1590 in England, d. about 1642 in Virginia
  18. Col. George Lydall, b. about 1620 in England, d. 1705 in New Kent County, Virginia
  19. Barbara Strangeways Lydall, b. 1616 in England, d. 1705 in New Kent County, Virginia

12th Generation

  1. Benjamin Brasseure, b. before 1620 in France, d. 1662 in Maryland
  2. Mary Richford Brasseure, b. 1621 in England, d. 1663 in Calvert County, Maryland
  3. Evert Jansen Wendell, b. 1615 in East Friesland (now in Germany), d. 1709 in Albany, New York
  4. Maj. Abraham Staats, b. 1619 in the Netherlands, d. 1694 in Albany, New York
  5. Catrina Jochemse Wessel Staats, b. 1621 in the Netherlands, d. 1703 in New York
  6. Jacob Theuniszen De Kay, b. 1633 in the Netherlands, d. after 1688 in New York
  7. Johannes Pieterszen Van Brugh, b. about 1624 in the Netherlands, d. abt. 1698 in Kings County, New York
  8. Catrina Raeleffse Van Brugh, b. 1629 in the Netherlands, d. 1700 in New York
  9. Capt. Goosen Gerritt Van Schaik, b. about 1624 in the Netherlands, d. 1676 in New York
  10. Geertje Van Nieukerke Van Schaik, b. 1623 in the Netherlands,  d. 1656 in New Netherland
  11. Teunis (Anthony) Cornelisse Van der Poel, b. about 1618 in the Netherlands, d. aft. 1687 in Albany, New York
  12. Catrina Janse Croon Van der Poel, b. in the Netherlands, d. 1694 in New York
  13. Capt. Thomas Harris, b. 1585 in England, d. 1658 in Henrico County, Virginia
  14. Adria Osborne Harris, b. in England, d. 1636 in Virginia
  15. Col. Henry Isham, b. 1628 in England, d. abt. 1676 in Henrico County, Virginia
  16. Katherine Banks-Royal Isham, b. 1625 in England, d. 1686 in Henrico County, Virginia
  17. James Field, b. about 1605 in England, d. in Virginia
  18. Col. Henry Soane, b. about 1622 in England, d. 1662 in James City County, Virginia
  19. Judeth Fuller Soane, b. 1620 in England, d. aft. 1651 in Virginia
  20. William Clopton, Sr., b. 1655 in England, d. 1733 in New Kent County, Virginia
  21. George Wilkinson, b. about 1655 in England, d. in Virginia
  22. Sara Lydall Wilkinson, b. before 1654, d. in Virginia
  23. John Garnett, b. in England, d. 1703 in Gloucester County, Virginia
  24. Salvatore Muscoe, Sr., b. in Italy,  d. in Virginia
  25. Richard Singletary (previously Dunham), b. 1585 in England, d. 1687, Essex County, Massachusetts
  26. Susannah Cooke Singletary, b. 1616 in England, d. 1682 in Essex County, Massachusetts
  27. William Nicholls, b. 1599 in England, d. Virginia
  28. John Stockbridge, b. 1608 in England, d. 1657 Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  29. Nathaniel Basse, b. 1589 in England, d. 1654 in England after returning from Virginia
  30. William Peacock, b. 1642 in England, d. 1702 in Surry County, Virginia
  31. Doctoris William Christmas, b. about 1585 in England, d. about 1655 in Virginia
  32. Isabel Elizabeth Goodman Christmas, b. about 1575 in England, d. about 1669 in Virginia
  33. George Morton, b. before 1587 in England, d. 1624 in Massachusetts
  34. Juliana Carpenter Morton, b. about 1584 in England, d. 1665 in Massachusetts
  35. John Dunham, b. about 1589 in England, d. in Massachusetts
  36. Abigail Barlow, b. in England, d. in Massachusetts
  37. Francis Eaton, b. in England, d. 1633 in Massachusetts
  38. Christiann Penn, b. 1607 in England, d. 1684 in Massachusetts
  39. William Hoskins, b. in England, d. in Massachusetts
  40. Sarah Cushman, b. in England, d. in Massachusetts
  41. Giles Rickard, Sr., b. about 1599 in  England, d. 1684 in Massachusetts
  42. Judith Cogan-King Rickard, b. about 1594 in England, d. 1662 in Massachusetts
  43. Edward Ellis, b. 1654 in England, d. about 1680 in Virginia
  44. John “Jehu” Robinson, b. in England, d. about 1609 in Jamestown, Virginia

11th Generation

  1. Richard Skaggs, Sr., b. probably in England, d. 1726 in Maryland
  2. James Ewing, b. 1670 in Scotland, d. 1740 in Pennsylvania
  3. John Robinson, b. in England, d. 1688 in York County, Virginia
  4. Elizabeth Potter Robinson, b. 1619 in England, d. in Virginia
  5. Peter Starkey, b. about 1630 in England, d. 1675 in York County, Virginia
  6. Jean Baptiste de la Chaumette, b. 1664 in France, d. 1728 in Stafford County, Virginia
  7. Capt. John Nettles, b. 1620 in England, d. 1686, lost at sea near Indonesia
  8. Mary Reed Nettles, b. 1626 in England, d. 1717 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  9. Thomas Jefferson, b. in the West Indies, d. 1687 in Henrico County, Virginia
  10. Elizabeth Muscoe Garnett, b. 1685 in England, d. before 1750 in Essex County, Virginia
  11. John Muse, Sr., b. 1633 in England, d. 1723 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
  12. Benjamin Brashier, b. before 1620 in France, d. 1663 in Maryland
  13. Mary Richford Brashier, b. 1621 in England, d. 1663 in Maryland
  14. William Seale, b. about 1635 in England, d. 1704 in Essex County, Virginia
  15. Thomas Smithers, b. 1634 in England, d. 1678 in Norfolk County, Virginia
  16. John Basse, b. 1616 in England, d. 1699, Norfolk County, Virginia
  17. Judith Soane, b. 1646 in England, d. 1707 in New Kent County, Virginia
  18. Humphrey Pope, b. 1645 in England, d. 1684 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
  19. Elizabeth Hawkins Pope, b. about 1648 in England, d. 1717 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
  20. Gwen Corem Carmack, b. 1685 in Scotland, d. 1746 in Frederick County, Maryland
  21. Katharina Emmerich Trautmann, b. 1671 in France, d. in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  22. John Barrowe, b. 1609 in England, d. 1691 in Massachusetts
  23. Anne Thompson Barrowe, b. about 1600 in England, d. 1639 in Massachusetts
  24. Giles Rickard, Sr., b. before 1637 in England, d. Massachusetts
  25. Thomas Page, b. about 1605 in the Netherlands, d. in Virginia
  26. Elizabeth Allen Page, b. about 1600 in the Netherlands, d. in Virginia

10th Generation

  1. Johann Peter Ensminger, b. 1694 in France, d. 1739 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  2. Maria Catherine Trautmann Ensminger, b. 1700 in France, d. 1773 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  3. Johann Nicholas Ensminger, b. 1699 in France, d. 1785 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  4. Anna Margaretha Ludwig Ensminger, b. 1703 in France, d. 1774, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  5. Samuel Paxton, b. about 1670 in Ireland, d. about 1746 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  6. Cornelius Noell, b. 1623 in the Netherlands, d. 1699 in Essex County, Virginia
  7. Elizabeth Page Noell, b. about 1627 in the Netherlands, d. aft. 1699 in Essex County, Virginia
  8. Rev. George Robertson, b. about 1662 in Scotland, d. 1740 in Henrico County, Virginia
  9. John Henry Raines, Sr., b. 1689 in England, d. 1767 in Caroline County, Virginia
  10. John Newton Bristow, b. 1649 in England, d. 1716 in Middlesex County, Virginia
  11. Andreas Ludwig Kissinger, b. 1707 in Germany, d. 1757 in Lancaster County, Pennsylania
  12. Susanna Fischerin Kissinger, b. 1707 in Germany, d. 1760 in Lancaster  County, Pennsylvania
  13. Johann Georg Spahr, b. 1699 in Germany, d. 1777 in York County, Pennsylvania
  14. Maria Catrina Kauffman Spahr, b. 1703 in Germany, d. 1776 in York County, Pennsylvania
  15. Johann Balthasar Kuntz, b. in Germany, d. after 1800 in Monroe County, (West) Virginia
  16. Robert McClelland, b. about 1680 in Scotland, d. 1741 in Pennsylvania
  17. John Shumate, Jr., b. before 1708 in Martinique, d. 1783 in Fauquier County, Virginia
  18. Elizabeth Taylor Smithers, b. 1661 in England, d. after 1729 in probably Maryland
  19. Philip Raiford, b. about 1650 in England, d. in Virginia
  20. Sarah Kinchen Raiford, b. about 1655 in England, d. 1724 in Virginia

9th Generation

  1. Johann Philip Ensminger, b. 1727 in France, d. 1807 in Monroe County, Virginia
  2. Samuel McKeown, b. before 1747 in Ireland, d. in South Carolina
  3. Francis George Steger, b. 1710 probably in Germany, d. 1769 in Cumberland County, Virginia
  4. Ann Perratt Steger, b. 1719 in England, d. 1748 in Cumberland County, Virginia
  5. Robert Duff Green, b. 1695 in England, d. 1748 in Culpeper County, Virginia
  6. Eleanor Brewster Dunn Green, b. 1698 in Scotland, d. 1748 in Culpeper County, Virginia
  7. James Maitland Lauderdale, b. 1690 in  Scotland, d. 1769 in Sumner County, Tennessee
  8. Jean Sutherland Gordon Lauderdale, b. 1693 in Scotland, d. 1747 in Botetourt County, Virginia
  9. Johann Friedrich Spahr, b. 1725 in Germany, d. 1789 in York County, Pennsylvania
  10. John Dickey, b. 1720 in Ireland, d. 1788 in Newberry County, South Carolina
  11. James Irwin, b. 1709 in Scotland, d. 1770 in Rowan County, North Carolina
  12. Agnes Patterson Irwin, b. 1717 in Ireland, d. 1800 in Burke County, North Carolina
  13. Johannes Theobaldt Mueller, b. about 1640 in Germany, d. in Pennsylvania
  14. James McVey, b. 1712 in Scotland, d. in Virginia
  15. Thomas Paxton, b. about 1713 in Ireland, d. 1762 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
  16. Ana Margaretha Schnaeder Spahr, b. 1729 in Switzerland, d. 1801 in Pennsylvania
  17. Jackson McKeown, b. about 1740 in Ireland, d. in Chester County, South Carolina
  18. Robert Wiseman, b. labout 1715 in Ireland, d. in South Carolina
  19. Margaret Jefford, b. about 1714 in Ireland, d. in South Carolina
  20. Elizabeth Cook Smithers, b. about 1695 in Canada, d. 1751 in Kent County, Maryland
  21. Dr. Thomas Broome, b. about 1702 in England, d. 1765 in Virginia
  22. Samuel McGraw, b. 1735 in Scotland, d. in Pennsylvania
  23. James McNealy, b. 1700 in Scotland, d. 1764 in South Carolina

8th Generation

  1. Henry Johnson, b. 1738 in Ireland, d. 1815 in Robertson County, Tennessee
  2. Rachel Holman Johnson, b. 1743 in England, d. 1815 in Robertson County, Tennessee
  3. Ann Wiseman Dickey, b. about 1757 in Ireland, d. 1830 in South Carolina
  4. Alexander Dickey, b. 1746 in Ireland, d. abt. 1835 in South Carolina
  5. John Samuel Sparr, b. 1757 in Germany, d. 1836 in Fayette County, (W) Virginia
  6. Reuben Steele, b. about 1720 in Scotland, d. 1759, lost at sea on a trip from America to Scotland
  7. Hannah Watkins Crockett Steele, b. 1705 in Ireland, d. 1800 in Virginia
  8. Robert Withrow, b. 1723 in Ireland, d. 1800 in Greenbrier County, Virginia
  9. Hugh Norton Lamb, b. 1756 in Scotland, d. after 1815 in Tennessee
  10. John McVey, b. about 1737 in Scotland, d. 1823 in Kentucky or Virginia
  11. Henry McNeely, b. in Scotland, d. 1811 in South Carolina
  12. William Haseltine, b. 1746 in Germany, d. in North Carolina


A Little About Me

When we learn how our ancestors dealt with the events and challenges of their time, we realize the sacrifices they made that now allow us to live comfortable, peaceful lives.  I hope I can preserve the legacy of my forebears and other brave Americans for those who come after me, including my two sons and six grandchildren.

Starting at age 15, I often helped my mother do family tree research.  Genealogy continues to consume much of my time. Now that I have retired after 46 years of teaching, I hope to focus on finding the genealogical links that still elude me.

One clarification about the title of my site: I know that Michelle Obama’s genealogist has written about Mrs. Obama’s family history under the title “American Tapestry.” However, I used that specific title many years ago on a genealogy.com web page before I had ever heard of Michelle Obama. As far as I know, I was the first to use that title.  (See below.)

Kitty Steele Barrera

Thanks to Cathy Meder-Dempsey for locating my 
"proof" on a site last updated in 2005. 

Below is a screenshot showing my DNA ancestry, 
which is 100% European.